2017 USA Wushu Team Trials

Judging at the 2017 USA Wushu Team Trials. Photo credit @twangxphoto

In July of 2017, I served as a scoring judge at the USA Wushu Team Trials held in Lubbock, Texas. The competition was held over the course of three days using the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) rules for taolu competition.

The athletes who qualified for the team are:


Alyssa Lo
Lucy Lee
Mia Tian
Stephanie Lim

Brian Wang
Daniel Hu
Wesley Huie
Dominic Chow


Serena Li
Catherine Luo
Aline Nguyen Tran
Audrey Huie
Lucy Brookover
Isabella Miller

Naoki Tang
Andrew Xi
Jason Zhang
Alex Ni
Nicholas Lee
Brandon Chan


Jocelyn Gu
Helen Gu
Michelle Hsing
Audrey N An
Ashley Oshiba

Matthew Lee
Benjamin Tran
Samuel Montalvo
Vincent Chung
Bryan Kao
Kai Nguyen